Manage and Organize Time & Money This Holiday Season

Manage and Organize Time & Money This Holiday Season

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Shell Roush.

As soon as Halloween is over, time seems to blur together as we race into the holiday season. From Thanksgiving until Christmas, there’s just so much to do!

How do you keep track of it all? With so many obligations and gifts to buy, it can get overwhelming!


  1. Be sure to make good use of your momAgenda planner. When you get an invitation to an event that you can’t possibly miss (such as a work holiday party or your child’s Christmas program), write the event information down on your calendar in pen.

  1. When you get an invitation to something you’d like to go to but you can only go if you have time, add it to your calendar in pencil. Then, if you suddenly find out that your sister-in-law is hosting a gift exchange on that same day and will get upset if you aren’t there, you know whether the event you have for that same time is something you can truly skip out on or not.

  1. In addition to those scheduled events, be sure you plan for those days you need to prep. Last year, I had “Cookie Exchange” written in pen on my calendar but forgot to add “baking day,” assuming I’d realize that I needed to save time for this the day before. Instead, I went along with my husband to a holiday party only to realize the morning of the cookie exchange that I quickly needed to bake 20 dozen cookies. Whether it’s baking day or a shopping day before the kids get out of school, these activities have some flexibility in their timing, but if you put them on your calendar, you’ll be less likely to find yourself in a last minute pinch.

  1. While you are organizing your activities, look at your budget for each. Do you need a new outfit for a party? How much is your grocery budget for the party you are hosting? How much will you spend on gifts?

  1. Beside each event, write down what you plan to spend and then stick with that budget. This might also determine of those penciled in events need to be erased from your schedule!

In addition, be sure to keep your gift list up to date, not just for family members and close friends but any teachers, neighbors or coworkers you’ll be giving gifts to as well. The holiday season can be so much fun but with a lot to keep track of, your best bet is to make sure you write it all down in your momAgenda!

Shell is a former teacher turned work-at-home mom. In her free time and when she’s not breaking up wrestling matches or ducking LEGOS courtesy of her three young boys, you can find her on her personal blog Things I Can’t Say.

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