3 Must Haves to Stay Organized with Your kids in 2021

3 Must Haves to Stay Organized with Your kids in 2021

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Jodi Grundig.

September really feels like the start of a new year for us.  I generally make more family resolutions in September than I do in January – things like staying more organized and ensuring that the kids do their homework early in the week.  This year, I’m getting more organized with some great momAgenda products.


While I love my momAgenda Personal Portfolio, I find myself using the Mini-Daily even more.  It slips right into my purse and is perfect to bring along with me to meetings and appointments.  I still use my phone for some scheduling, but I’ll never give up my paper.


My daughter is the athletic one of the family and participates in multiple sports per year.  So, I love the new momAgenda Sports Years organizer which gives me a way to organize all of her sporting mementos!  Otherwise, I end up with ribbons and photos and other things cluttering the house.


Every year, my kids have class photos and other souvenirs from the year that I want to keep in an organized way.  I bought the original school years organizers (they even now come in four beautiful, vibrant colors) for my kids so that I can keep all of that information together.  I also love filling out the information about activities and things my kids like – it’s such a great memento for the year!

So far, I’m sticking to my resolutions for the year and I’m on track for a great, organized year!

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