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We did our research and learned that some moms plan on a school year basis (July-the following August), while others do their planning on a calendar year basis (January-December). We wanted to accommodate both types of planning with our original product, the momAgenda
Desktop – so momAgenda planners cover both the school year and calendar year. This is more environmentally efficient than doing 2 different calendar versions with 2 separate print runs. As a result, regardless of whether you prefer calendar year planning or school year planning, you get a few bonus months! If you don’t need those months, use them for forward planning, journaling,
notes, to do lists, anything you like.

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Overall, we designed the myAgenda for customers who love the momAgenda way of organizing, especially the weekly layout and the beautiful covers, but either are not moms or who do not want a calendar that identifies them as a mom on the front cover. To that end, the calendars are
very similar, with the same weekly layout. The “mom” versions geared a bit more toward moms, and the “my” versions geared a bit more toward all women, including but not limited to moms. Substantively, they are the same.

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This is the trickiest question of all! Be sure to check out our Quiz, we created this to help you narrow down the right planner. It’s a personal decision, and you may try a few different versions
of our day planners before you find your personal favorite!

I switch planners every year so that I can really experience each product and learn what the pros and cons are. In the past, I have used the momAgenda Desktop, the myAgenda Desktop, the Home Office Edition, the Refillable Folio Cover with Spiral refill, and the Personal Portfolio. This year I’m using the momAgenda Desktop.

We did our research and learned that moms tend to view Monday as the beginning of a new
week. Weekend days are lumped together as “the weekend,” and they’re easier to plan because
they’re next to each other on the calendar.

So many reasons! For starters, momAgenda really does help you feel in control over your
schedule. When you’re doing your planning, there’s simply no substitute for writing things down and being able to see the entire week at a view.
In addition, our day planners come in fun, fashion-forward colors and designs that make you feel good and feel inspired to tackle everything on your to-do list!

Finally, a momAgenda day planner is more than a just day planner – it’s a beautiful, lifetime archive of the year in your life and that of your child(ren).

A mom of four young kids designed momAgenda to gain control over her own life – then turned it into a business. The unique, week-at-a-view layout, with separate spaces for mom and up to four kids, is what makes the momAgenda system totally unique versus any other day planner on
the market.

We accept returns of full-price merchandise, in the original packaging, within 14 days of receipt, for refund or store credit. Please email info@momagenda.com for a return shipping label.

We guarantee the quality of our planners. In the unlikely event there is a quality or printing
defect at any time during the life of the planner, we will replace it at no charge to you with a
comparable planner in an available color.

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