Why are your bound planners 18 months?

This is the most common question and one that takes time to get used to when using the momAgenda planning system. 

We did our research and learned that some moms plan on a school year basis (July-the following August), while others do their planning on a calendar year basis (January-December). We wanted to accommodate both types of planning with our original product, the momAgendaDesktop – so momAgenda planners cover both the school year and calendar year.

This is more environmentally efficient than doing 2 different calendar versions with 2 separate print runs. As a result, regardless of whether you prefer calendar year planning or school year planning, you get a few bonus months! If you don’t need those months, use them for forward planning, journaling, notes, to do lists, anything you like.

Here is a video from the founder, Nina Restieri, to learn more.