Our Story

As with many great ideas, momAgenda was created to simplify the life of our founder, Nina Restieri. 15 years later, we've struck a chord with women all over the country who had the same desire to make managing their lives, and the lives of their children easier

Our story begins with...

Over the next year...

Together, Nina and Maureen have grown momAgenda to include a diversified range of products that help organize the lives of mothers and others, including day planners, home organizers, pads, journals, and accessories. The collection is sold at leading national retailers and regional boutiques throughout the US.

Today, momAgenda encompasses a vast range of organizational products, many inspired by its loyal devotees. Nina and Maureen get immense joy out of helping the pieces of everyone's personal puzzle — family, career, home and social life — come together.

For additional information about momAgenda, please contact info@momagenda.com