5 Beach Bag Essentials

5 Beach Bag Essentials

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Shell Roush.

Planning a day trip to the beach with your kids involves some serious prep work. Gone are the days of throwing on your swim suit, grabbing a towel, a drink, and some sunscreen to head off for a relaxing day at the beach. Bringing kids to the beach requires a much fuller beach bag.

While you know you need to pack towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and beach toys, there are other beach bag essentials that you can keep stored in your bag so you’ll be ready in less time for any trip to the beach.

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  • Tweezers: Sand spurs and pieces of shell are far too easy to step on and get stuck in your foot. You’ll want an easy way to get them out so leave a pair of tweezers in your beach bag.

  • Band-Aids/Wound cleaner: Cuts and scrapes happen everywhere. Be prepared at the beach by keeping these items stored in your bag.

  • Aspirin: Be sure to pack this or any pain reliever of choice. If you get headaches from being out in the sun, keep this on hand so you don’t have to cut your beach trip short, especially after all the prep time it takes to get there!

  • Baby wipes/Wet wipes: Even if your kids aren’t babies any more, it’s handy to have these wipes with you to clean hands before and after eating snacks.

  • Baby powder: Generously dust over sandy feet, legs, and arms and then wipe away. It will remove the majority of the sand before you get back in the car to head home. 

Put those 5 items into a travel makeup bag to have on hand for every beach trip. And before you head out the door, add a few empty grocery bags for wet clothes and a trash bag for your trash (tie it to your beach chair once you’re at the beach). You’ll be all set for a fun day at the beach!

What are some of your beach bag essentials?

Shell is a former teacher turned work-at-home mom. In her free time and when she’s not breaking up wrestling matches or ducking LEGOS courtesy of her three young boys, you can find her on her personal blog Things I Can’t Say.

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