Five Apps that My Kids and I Cannot Live Without

Five Apps that My Kids and I Cannot Live Without

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Kris Cain.

Technology is a way to help us stay connected, be on time, educate ourselves…and entertain our kids. There are literally thousands and thousands of apps out there that we can install, test out, and fall in love with.

There are certain apps that I use on my devices to stay on track. These include Evernote for taking notes and listing ideas, DocuSign Ink for signing contracts on the go, PayPal for sending and accepting payments, and Google Drive and DropBox for accessing my files that are in the Cloud. Of course there are many, many more that keep me productive.

But what about the kind of apps that are great for kids?

My daughters each got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. They are now ten years-old so they are more interested in tech than they are toys. There are many apps that my kids love to use, or that we use together when we have some family tech time.

I consulted with my daughter Kayla to find out which apps she loves. Here are her top five favorites:

1.     Ruzzle – Ruzzle is an awesome word find game that tests your spelling skills and your speed. I love playing against my kids. I admit that it has been a long time since I was in school. This is a great game to keep my mind sharp and refreshed on words that I may not have used in a while even if my girls beat me sometimes. Their minds are fresh with words that they learn each week in school on their spelling lists, so they can usually swipe them out fast.

2.     BrainPOP Featured Movie – BrainPOP shows your child an animated movie on different subjects related to current events, historical milestones, holidays, and more. After watching, they go through a quiz to see what they learned.

3.     Subway Surfer – Hey, even kids have to blow off steam sometimes. My child’s favorite game on their Kindle Fire is Subway Surfer. They navigate their character around, on top of, and behind incoming trains. It certainly helps you work on your motor skills.

4.     Fish Adventure – Fish Adventure is a fun interactive game that you play to learn how to care for fish and other sea creatures. Kids learn about taking care of sea creatures while watching their fish perform interactive actions which is so much fun for them!

5.     4 Pics 1 Word – 4 Pics 1 Word is a game that gets you thinking by having you guess the word that relates to the 4 images that you are presented with. It really gets kids (and adults) thinking. The photos are easy to guess in the beginning, but it gets harder as the game goes on.

What are some of apps that you and your children enjoy?

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