Five Ways Moms Can Keep Their Sanity and the Kids Busy This Summer

Five Ways Moms Can Keep Their Sanity and the Kids Busy This Summer

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Shell Roush.

Oh, the lazy days of summer.

Unless you are a mom, of course. Then summer can become hectic and stressful, trying to find ways to keep the kids busy and delay the whines of “I’m bored.”

The key to keeping your sanity and keeping the kids busy this summer is organization. While there aren’t any school schedules to work around, if you don’t have any sort of schedule set for your family, you’ll miss out on some fun opportunities. Planning out designated “fun” days helps with those days when you are stuck at home, giving the kids something to look forward to. But what sorts of activities should you put on your summer schedule?


Five Creative Ways Moms Can Keep Their Sanity and Their Kids Busy This Summer:

1. Have a daily to-do list for your child. Create a simple list of tasks your child needs to perform every day before any of the fun starts. This delays the requests to “do something” until a little later in your day and it also teaches your kids responsibility. My oldest (who is eight) has to brush his teeth, make his bed, write in his journal, and practice either his math facts or complete a reading lesson before he can start in on other activities.

2. Host a playdate. It might sound counterintuitive to add another child to the mix, but having another child over means that toys your kids were bored with before are suddenly new and fun again in the eyes of a visitor. It turns a normal at-home day into something fun. Plus, maybe the other mom will reciprocate, giving you a day of quiet later in the summer.

3. Try a new sport/activity. Maybe you hesitate to commit your child to a full season of a new sport/activity during the school year because you aren’t sure how they’ll like it. Look for short camps in the summer that offer opportunities to try them out. If they aren’t a fit, it’s not a big deal. If it is, you’ll know it’s worth trying long term come the fall season.

4.  Look for the freebies and cheapies. Libraries often have free summer programs. Lowes and Home Depot have kids’ workshops. Movie theaters often play older kids’ movies in the mornings for a dollar or two. Search activities in your area and ask local friends of any other activities they have tried.

5. Throw the rules out for an afternoon. When summer madness sets in and everyone starts getting a little cranky, go with the flow instead of giving in. Have an afternoon where it’s totally okay to do those normally forbidden things. Play a video game with no time limits. Eat ice cream as dinner. Have a water battle and let loose for a little while.

How do you keep your sanity and your kids busy in the summer?

Shell is a former teacher turned work-at-home mom. In her free time and when she’s not breaking up wrestling matches or ducking LEGOS courtesy of her three young boys, you can find her on her personal blog Things I Can’t Say.

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