Get Inspired in 2014: Create the Ultimate Vision Board

Get Inspired in 2014: Create the Ultimate Vision Board

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM leader Heather Reinhard.

Welcome 2014 – a New Year with endless possibilities. It is the time of year we all make those resolutions and halfway through the month of January, we most likely forgot what some of those goals were anyway.

Well, until now.

Start off this year with a positive attitude by getting inspired by dreaming big and attaining some of those lofty goals that are swirling in your head. Instead of making resolutions you know you may not be able to keep, why not create a vision board to help kick start some excitement? It may even help to keep you motivated and on the right track.

Here are some vision board theme ideas to get you started:

1.     Fitness and Health Goals: Create a vision board that shows some of your health goals related to the New Year. Maybe you want to start an exercise routine or try healthy recipes. These images and pictures may include some enticing prepared dishes, recipe directions for easy reference, and health shake ingredients and instructions. Maybe you want to try out a new exercise class or technique such as Pilates or Yoga to jump start your fitness goals.

2.     Career Goals: Create a board that further extends some of the big ideas within your industry. For example, if you are an educator your board may be filled with exciting lesson plans and new teaching strategies. Not in a career you absolutely love? Then consider creating a board that is filled with the career you would love to get into – dream big and get inspired.

3.     Home Goals: Dreaming of that perfect kitchen or simply looking to add some fabulous design elements into your space? Whether you plan to do a complete remodel or just add some fun new trends into your home, create a vision board of the kind of décor and design that inspires you.

4.     Relationship Goals: Instead of waiting for Valentine’s Day, why not feel positive about the relationships in your life right now by creating a board that helps you to see yourself embracing the kind of love you want in your life? Creating a vision of mutual respect, love and affection from many of the different relationships in your life may help to attract that energy directly into your stratosphere.

You can also create a board using words and pictures cut out from magazines or you can generate a digital vision board using sites such as Pinterest or PicMonkey.

Are you looking to create the kind of vision you can take anywhere with you for instant inspiration? Consider creating a vision board in an accordion-fold book format to display, flip through or carry with you anywhere as demonstrated by Artful Parent.


So what are you waiting for? 2014 is the year to make your dreams come true, so get started on creating that ultimate vision board today!

Tell us, what inspires you?

Heather Reinhard is the Founder and Editor of Theta Mom®, a successful and well established leading parenting blog that began in 2009. She is also the CEO of her own company Theta Mom Media, LLC

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