Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I did not make any resolutions this year, but that's ok because I would just break them, right? But here are my unofficial thoughts about what I intend to work on this year:

1. I will make time for myself: this includes making time to eat right, exercise, and even have a bit of downtime.

2. I will remember to be grateful every day for all the blessings in my life.

3. Rather than constantly stressing out about whether I am "good enough" as a mom, I am going to spend more time simply being together and enjoying my children. No more beating myself up.

4. I will eliminate Nutella from my children's diets (Jamie is addicted, it is not a god thing).

5. Spend more time with Larry, just the two of us.

6. The most important thing I am working on with regard to my children is this: I want them to feel absolutely loved and accepted, unconditionally. I want them to go into their adolescent and teen years knowing that that can say or do anything, and I will still love them completely. Basically, my goal is that, in our home and in our family, the children will feel safe to be who they really are, to say what is really on their minds, and to always be honest and open with themselves and with Larry and I about their lives.

Hope everyone had a happy new year!