New School Year Resolutions: Updated 10 Years Later

New School Year Resolutions: Updated 10 Years Later

A reader recently posted a photo of a blog post I wrote 10 years ago (yikes, have I been doing this for that long?), listing my New School Year Resolutions. It made me a little teary to remember when my kids were little and I used to pack them lunch money and read to them before bed. Especially now that 2 of them are away at college…

Here I am with my gang, right around the time I started momAgenda…

10 years later, the kids are older, school is different, and the world is different… and boy do my kids look different. Here they are now:

So clearly, times have changed and it’s time to update my New School Year Resolutions. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I will remember at all times that my 2 college-age children are capable of managing their own lives, and don’t need (or want) me to intervene on their behalf. And that this is not something to be sad about, but rather a sign of success, and something to celebrate.
  2. I will remember at all times that my high school-age child and middle school-age child are learning how to manage their time and their lives, and I will encourage their independence as a sign of growth.
  3. I will not be sad that they no longer need me to pack lunch money or pick out their clothes or walk them to school. But if I do get sad, I will let that be ok. Because I know they still need me, even if in a very different way now.
  4. I will encourage my kids to be their real, authentic selves, not who they think the world wants them to be and not who they think their father or I want them to be.
  5. I will work when my kids are at school, and be present with them when they are at home.
  6. I will stay focused on my priorities, and not let myself be distracted by anything that doesn’t have real meaning to me.
  7. I will bear in mind that perfection is not the goal, embrace the idea that there is no such thing as a perfect mother, and know in my heart that I am more than good enough.
  8. I will take care of myself: I will work out, hydrate, eat healthy foods, go to the doctor, sleep, spend time connecting with friends and family, meditate, dance, read, listen to music, and travel.
  9. I will be wide awake every day, and pay attention to the small, beautiful moments. Now that I know how fast it goes, I want to savor every moment.
  10. I will be grateful for the amazing human beings my kids have become. Every day.

What are your New School Year Resolutions?