Planning a Last Minute Spring Getaway

Planning a Last Minute Spring Getaway

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Kris Cain.

I love to travel. People who know me are usually surprised when I am home for a stretch longer than two months since I am blessed to be able to travel quite a bit because of my job. And now that spring is finally here, I have the itch again. After the longest, toughest, coldest and snowiest winter we had in a very long time, I’m thinking about warmth, sunshine, relaxation, and the beach.

Interested in getting away? Well, planning a little escape with your family may be easier than you think. Here are five tips to get you preparing right now.

1.     Check your home and school calendar for a date that works. If Spring Break has already passed, check your school calendar for scheduled days off from school that might allow you to plan a long weekend. Move your existing business appointments if necessary and organize your vacation plans in a momAgenda Day Planner.

2.     Check deal sites. Sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local offer great deals on quick overnight or weekend getaways. These might include places in your area or require a flight. Research your options and make decisions on what works best for your needs and schedule.

3.     Don’t fly… drive! If you have a large family to purchase for, plane tickets can be very expensive. If you cannot afford plane tickets for a family of 4-6, consider taking a road trip. Explore somewhere within a distance that you don’t mind driving, pack the car with activities and snacks, and just go for it!

4.     Plan a getaway close to home. Who says that you have to leave town to go on vacation? My kids and I recently had a staycation and you can do the same. Check with hotels and resorts in your area. Pack a bag and plan to stay for a day or two. The point is to get away from the house without being distracted by the worry of cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Just hang at the hotel and hit the pool, or visit local attractions.

5.     Plan a staycation. If you cannot get away right now, plan a staycation at home. Turn off the phones, set a vacation message for work emails, and enjoy being with your family. Pick up some movies from Redbox, pull out the board games, setup a tent in the family room and pretend to be away.

What are some of your ideas to plan a last minute getaway?

Kris Cain is a Chicago area mom to 2 sets of twins and Digital Lifestyle Expert. In her former life she worked in IT for over 15 years. She currently runs LittleTechGirl Media where she enjoys helping brands, bloggers, and others learn to get the most from technology and social media. On her blog, she writes about her love of technology, social media, travel, and more.

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