Planning the Perfect Spring Staycation

Planning the Perfect Spring Staycation

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Toni Patton.

When we think of vacation, we think of traveling miles and miles away from home.  However, sometimes that kind of travel can lead to stress and long road trips for the kids – and it usually means getting bored easily. This is why we love to staycation.  Heading to a local hotel or even a neighboring landmark for the day can be the perfect way to escape and have a family getaway.

Be sure to scope out your local eats, especially places you haven’t been before. Where I live, there are many undiscovered restaurants because we always seem to fall back on the favorites. Make your goal to venture out to restaurants unknown that are right in your local area.

Consider using your backyard as a place to staycation. Sure it may not seem like a vacation when you are technically in your own yard, but transform it into a camp ground and I bet you (and your kids) will feel differently. Pop up a tent or get a bonfire going.  Talk, tell stories, and aside from using the restroom, forgo the comforts of home. Kids love to use a tent so spend a night under the stars with them.

Learn the history of where you live. Chances are there is some story about where you live or a landmark you have never been to that may be interesting. Head to a local museum or theater and research the arts in your area. In our town, we have a local gallery night and I love it! There’s no need to travel to big cities to enjoy some awesome art and culture.

Plan a dinner menu to feel like you are traveling the world. Have a “Taste of Thailand Night” and enjoy Thai cuisine. Make some Hawaiian dishes and have an “Island Escape” night at home. The possibilities are endless.

Hop on the local bus. We all drive ourselves around and have a particular route we follow. If your area offers a local bus or tour route, hop on it for a day. They may take you to places you’ve never visited, or show you new routes to your favorite places.

When you staycation, there really is no end to the things you can do. The perfect staycation is one where you and your family and/or friends make memories together to last a lifetime. And after you plan your first staycation, you may find yourself adding them to your momAgenda on a regular basis. I know I do!

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