Preparing for the Perfect Summer Vacation

Preparing for the Perfect Summer Vacation

The following is a guest post from momAgenda COMM blogger Jodi Grundig.

It’s summer, and if you are like most families, you are preparing for your perfect summer vacation.  Maybe you’ve saved up and will be splurging on the ultimate destination.  Or maybe you are planning just a long weekend away at the lake.  Regardless of what your plans are, it’s important that you make sure you’ve prepared so you can have the best vacation ever!

  • Make sure any necessary reservations are made in advance.  Last year, I wanted to do a ziplining excursion in Vermont and when I arrived, I found that it booked up weeks in advance.  Do your homework first to make sure you aren’t disappointed.
  • Check on any insurance you may need.  From trip insurance to car rental insurance, find out where you are already covered and where you may have gaps.
  • Line up any home or pet care you’ll need while you’re away.  If you are going to be away for a week or more, consider a home sitting service that will visit your home and make sure that everything is okay.  Also, hold your mail and newspaper subscriptions if you don’t have a neighbor who can collect them for you.
  • Make a list of items that you’ll need to bring along with you on vacation. Begin the list one week before you leave and include things like sunscreen, bug repellent, power cords, and all clothing.  Cross off items as you place them into your luggage and you’ll be sure that you don’t forget anything.

If you have a momAgenda planner, it’s the perfect way to prepare! Schedule these steps into your planner so you don’t forget them.  Then, make your packing list in your planner.  As you remember items, just add them to the list. And once you’ve done all of the planning, it’s time to enjoy your vacation!  Remember to unplug and enjoy some quality time with your family.

Jodi has been blogging since 2007 and is the founder of the popular mom review blog Mom’s Favorite Stuff. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.