Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes That Even My Kids Love

Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes That Even My Kids Love

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Toni Patton.

It’s not a big surprise that I have picky eaters since I was a picky eater myself growing up. I can say that my kids will try anything once, but a good majority of the time they end up with dramatics saying the food will kill them, so you can just imagine how a Thanksgiving feast is a bit of a trick.

With family and friends in town, I want to make sure we have great food. To me, this means green bean casserole, asparagus bake, stuffing, turkey, and you know, the things that make you think “Thanksgiving.” Unfortunately, aside from the turkey, my kids are not too thrilled about the “norm” when it comes to Thanksgiving. So I’ve been forced to come up with a few recipes to keep them from being on a turkey only diet Thanksgiving Day (and Christmas too)!

Here is the recipe for my mashed potatoes. They are super creamy and when topped with gravy they are devoured!

3 lbs of red potatoes (they cook super quick which is why I love them)
½ stick of butter
8 oz. Velveeta Cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste

• Wash potatoes and place in a pot big enough to cover with water an inch above potatoes
• Cook about 30-45 minutes depending on the size of potatoes – {They are done when you stick a fork in them and it comes out easily}
• While potatoes are cooking, cube up the Velveeta
• Drain potatoes, then put them back in the pot
• Mash the potatoes with a pastry blender, just enough so that the potatoes aren’t whole and add Velveeta & butter.
• Stir until the butter and Velveeta are melted.
• Add salt and pepper to taste and blend with hand held blender until almost smooth *there will be lumps*

This potato side is perfect for those picky eaters who need to eat a little more than turkey. Want to know another secret? I have been known to swap out ¼ of the potatoes for cauliflower and when mashed, they don’t know the difference!

What are some of your recipes for Thanksgiving and do you have any picky eaters like me?

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