Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Kris Cain.

With technology all around us, it is necessary that our kids learn to use it. They will encounter tech in school, at home, and eventually at work. It doesn’t have to be all fun and games because there is definitely a need for learning in technology. In fact, many teachers now use technology in their classrooms to help them through the learning process. My child’s school has computers, iPads, and SmartBoards for use by teachers and children. The STEM program that my girls are involved in recently gifted all of their long time students (those that had been enrolled since preschool) with iPads and the intention that they will use them for learning.

Whether your family has an iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire or other Android Tablet, or even a Windows Tablet, there are many apps out there that can help your child learn.


Here are my top recommendations:

1.     BrainPop Featured Movie: My 10-year old daughter loves BrainPop. She is constantly watching educational videos on her Kindle. This app teaches children interesting facts about science, social studies, math, English, and technology. Kids can even take quizzes along the way.

2.     ClassDojo: ClassDojo is more of an app for teachers and parents. It helps teachers monitor students’ progress that they can then share with parents. The app allows them to access stats remotely, share them, and it syncs across all devices.

3.     Sight Words Reading Games Lite: This one is great for young children who are still learning to read.  It uses cute characters to teach kids useful sight words. Games include the Word Machine, Spelling, Bingo, Memory Games, Gears, and Flash Cards.

4.     Starfall ABCs: Starfall is another great app for young kids learning their ABC’s, and to read. They complete tasks such as a maze, blocks, and matching words to pictures.

5.     Duolingo: Duolingo is a great app for learning a 2nd (or 3rd) language. The free app can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English in a fun way.

Technology should be a help not a hindrance. There is no reason to keep our kids from learning valuable tech skills because we are afraid of what it may lead to. The key is moderation and protection. It is also important to create a healthy balance between learning and play. Luckily, there are several apps out there to help us.

To find apps to foster your child’s learning at home, visit the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store, or the Windows Store and check under the Education category. Look for apps on the top lists that get great reviews.

What are some of your favorite educational apps?

Kris Cain is a Chicago area mom to 2 sets of twins, and Digital Lifestyle Expert. In her former life she worked in IT for over 15 years. She currently runs LittleTechGirl Media where she enjoys helping brands, bloggers, and others learn to get the most from technology and social media. On her blog, she writes about her love of technology, social media, travel, and more. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.