Customer Testimonials

Our customers are who we work so hard for, and their testimonials are our reward! We have reprinted selected customer testimonials here, so you can see what our biggest fans are saying about momAgenda.

I have been searching for a planner that will both fit my needs as a mother and household manager and still look stylish and sophisticated. I saw your planner in Real Simple magazine and decided to take a look at your website. I was so impressed that I purchased one for my sister as a Christmas gift, as well as myself. She, too, has been looking for a good planner that caters to “Mom.” I am thrilled with the preview from the website and I cannot wait to receive mine! I also wanted to say that I loved the Articles on the website and could totally relate to them! I was laughing out loud at the ten minute makeover! I am also proud to support a Mom inspired business with my purchase.”
Best Wishes,

“Hi Nina,
I’m a busy mom of four (14 and under) who is using the momAgenda for the first time this year. I LOVE it!!! Having an individual space for each kid is essential, as they all have very busy lives. (Not me–I’m just the driver!) For some reason, I like having our schedules in writing (I have a Palm, which, sadly, is still in its box!!) and the momAgenda is just the ticket.”
Thanks!!! —R.

“Dear Nina:
I received my agenda yesterday (which, by the way, got to my house in record time) and I am so excited! I’ve tried other well-known calendar systems but I have never had enough room to get everything in on the spaces provided!! As of yesterday, I had a calendar @ work, nothing in my purse but an occasional sticky note with times and dates, and a wall calendar @ home. I would always forget to make sure they were all in agreement and I’ve had some “problems” …oops!!

I started filling in the blanks in the MomAgenda last night and I really like the fact that you have places for medical history for all of us, and an address book that pulls out so I don’t have to re-write all the information again! It’s also the perfect size.

Have you ever seen something and JUST KNEW that it was going to work?!?! This looks like a life-saver! I wish I would have had this agenda 3 months ago! I can tell that it is just the thing I needed!!

I, too, am a mother of 4 children. I have a 15 yr old son,
12 1/2 yr son, 8 yr old son, and a 7 yr old daughter. All are in sports, son #1 is taking drivers ed, we just finished the
4-H fair, we’ve had football and church camps, son #2 made baseball all-stars, had relatives that stayed for a week this summer, a big family wedding with the kids #3 & #4 as ring bearer and flower girl, AND school starts next Tuesday (the start of football games x’s 3 boys)!! Oh, and did I tell you I also work full-time! Thank God I have a hubby who likes to cook and who also helps me run everybody around.

I’ve said all that to tell you: if this will work for me, it will probably work for anybody! I will keep you updated!!

Thanks again for an AWESOME product.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE this organizer. I bought it last year for myself and had many members of my family and friends asking about it. Just this month, I have purchased 8 to give as gifts.


With much gratitude,

“To the owner and founder of momAgenda,
I just wanted to thank you for your lovely products. My purse was stolen from my car today and with that the crooks took my LIFE! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was in my purse. my wallet, my day planner, my kids pictures, my business scheduler (i have my own business which I operate from home while raising 3 small children), notes about cute things my kids had done or said, my journal, and a million other little sentimental things that can’t be replaced. After a hard week (my daughter was just diagnosed with serious medical problems) to have this happen today had me in tears, nearly hysterical. I was done being strong and coping effectively with life’s trials. It was the straw that broke my back. I decided tonight, after lots of tears, that I had to get over it and move on. So after cancelling all my credit cards, all my bank ATMS, everything… I started seraching online fro a new dayplanner. I found yours. This may not seem like a big thing but my day planner was my LIFE, with 3 kids and an at home business, everything was in there. To find your super easy, functional, adorable day planner was the one silver lining to all the week’s miserable stuff that was happening to me and my family. When i get it, hopefully soon, i can start getting my life back in order again. get some control over what happened, start over and move on. Thank you for having exactly what i was looking for exactly when I needed it most…”

A truly grateful mom,

“Hi – My momAgenda has completely changed my life! I am no longer forgetting appointments, losing phone numbers, etc. I can definitely tell that this was designed by an ACTUAL mom, it is exactly what I have been searching for all this time!

I just wanted to pass along one little suggestion…..I have the momAgenda Desktop and the one and only thing that I wish it had is a pocket inside the front and back covers, maybe clear plastic so I could see what is in it. I could keep a pen in there, little scraps of paper with important information, a little pad of sticky notes, etc. Otherwise, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my organizer and have recommended it to all my friends. Thanks for inventing it!”


“Just wanted to say Thank you for such a wonderful product! I use to use the
Franklin Covey system and always had problems keeping track of my work
schedule, kids’s schedules and my husband’s schedule. I tried keeping TWO
planners, one personal and one for work – that didn’t work well at all.
Between soccer, kung fu, volleyball, music concerts, city council meetings,
committee meetings, school board, and MORE there was just no way and I was
constantly getting confused and lost! The Mom Agenda is SO perfect it has
worked out great. I have 3 kids so I put my husband’s schedule under the
kids area as well, works for me as he is just a big kid himself! :0) Plus
the Mom Agenda is so pretty and is the perfect size. It’s not too small so I
can write in it with no problems but it is a perfect size to put in my purse
if I need to take it on the go. I have to admit, I switched planner systems
constantly last year trying to find something that would fit, I have used my
Mom Agenda since this past May and just purchased another one (Lime green –
I love it!). Thanks so much for helping me organize my life – Now….if you
could just help me organize my house!! :0) ha ha”

“Hello, I just wanted to tell you about me. I am a mother of 3 boys, all in school. For 13 years (my oldest is almost 13) I have looked for something, anything that would get me more organized. I am not BIG on this, I have papers strewn about. I have things written on bits of paper that come from anything that I can find. But, as my 5 year old goes to school, and there are so many things that this stay at home mom, and part time daycare worker (working mother) need to remember, I started a search. I was able to find you on the internet. I was hooked! The pictures on the internet do not do it justice. I choose lime, and it so fits with me. This is the best agenda/planner I have ever seen. I am now a permanent customer. And, very happy to be. Plus, my husband and sons will be happy, they will finally know things they need to know, without searching for bits and pieces of paper, that I MIGHT have left on the Island in the kitchen, but somehow got in the cupboard, !
or maybe the bathroom!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”


“Hi, I just wanted you to know how much I love my momagenda! I came across
it just by accident while looking for party invitations for my daughters
birthday at Noteworthy in Weston, FL. I have gotten so much use out of it.
I purchased it earlier this year and am getting ready to buy the portfolio
planner as mine runs out in December….

It has been perfect for my busy schedule with 3 kids and being a business
owner myself. Horseback riding lessons, soccer, football, dance,
gymnastics, field trips and playdates are never missed. It is truly a
wonderful planner for a mom. I have always used day timers prior to
finding yours. They were great for work and scheduling my busy days, but
always missed the kids stuff.

Thanks for coming up with such a great idea….


“Dear momAgenda,

I have been a faithful user of my desktop momAgenda planner and just recently “upgraded” to the leather portfolio planner in the beautiful raspberry color. I can’t tell you enough how much I have enjoyed and depended on my momAgenda. It has helped me manage my three children and my husband’s schedules as well as my own personal and business schedules. And the beautiful PINK color has complimented my Mary Kay business needs as well. (I get so many compliments!)

I have also turned around and given them as gifts to all my fellow mommy friends and they too, have become faithful followers. Just wanted to say to keep all the wonderful products coming! Would you ever consider making a portfolio planner out of the same croc material that you have in the desktop style? Just a thought…

Thanks again for the BEST planner out there!”

Warm regards,

“This is the best calendar I have ever had!”

“I just had to write and tell you how wonderful (like you don’t hear this all the time!) MomAgenda products are. I have been using the Agenda and notepads for a year now and could not live, well at least I would never get anything done or remember where I have to be, without my book. I have 6 boys and ALOT of appointments, one of my sons’s has ABA and other therapies, plus all the other games, lessons, play dates etc. The layout is perfect for a large family and I love how pretty it is; surrounded by men I NEED my things to be girly. I just ordered the refill now because I was afraid if it sold out…then what would I do? Thank you for an indispensable product and great customer service!”
Sincerely, —K.

“I came upon the Momagenda several months after I had my first son (Nov 2006). Despite the fact that I only have one child at this moment, I am a working mom, and have a lot to balance and schedule. I’ve found the Momagenda very helpful to keep track of all the doctor’s appointments/daycare scheduling for my son. The one thing I’ve done on top of tracking his appointments, is to use the bottom space as a diary so to speak, and track my son’s milestones (I use the daily smaller version- one day per page). So I’ll write if he slept well, how he ate, when he sat up for the first time, when he rolled over for the first time etc. I think this will be a good tool to look back to see his progress. I plan on keeping a volume each year for him now, kind of an advanced baby book. I’m sure I’ll be able to continue this tradition when I have my next one!

Just wanted to share!”


“Wow! I ordered the 2007-2008 desk top momAgenda on Wednesday, received it on Thursday. I LOVE it!! The functionality is perfect for a busy family. The look and feel is classy. I have all my future info already recorded. Now I can’t wait for August to begin so I’m using it daily.”

Thanks so much!!

I have purchased several items from MomAgenda. I have LOVED all of them and I have even given one planner as a gift. I just recently purchased the kitchen folio and I LOVE it!!! What a fantastic way to organize all those loose papers. I do however, have one suggestion. I think you need to encourage people to buy 2 of them. All moms need one for their car and the other for the kitchen. See, I spend most of my day running around to different schools for drop off and pick up times. I am often looking for a schedule or class list in my car. My plan is to make copies of all their schedules, class lists, etc. and leave one in my house and the other in my car. While I am waiting the pick up line at school, I can glance at it and mentally schedule the rest of my week. Thank you for creating a product that has a dual purpose and looks so chic!!!”

McAllen, Texas

“Dear momAgenda,

Since I first started using your planner a few months ago (I remember it as my Mother’s Day gift to myself ;)), a lot has changed and my reliance on my momAgenda planner has g-r-o-w-n!

Since May, I have become involved with a special needs playgroup that is expanding and needs administrative and managerial help, and a national SPD parent group that is also expanding and needs the same kind of help.

Guess who is now handling the administrative and managerial needs for both groups and working with their directors??

My husband, my job, my home, my kids, therapy sessions, evaluations, doctors appts, meetings, phone calls, dealing with insurance issues, school schedules, and now my volunteer work with two special groups that both of my children are also involved in – my momAgenda planner has become my portable office with everything contained in one book! The few times I accidentally left my planner at home and didn’t have it to consult, refer to, or plan with – I paid dearly for it by being disorganized, over-scheduling, and not having needed information.

With the fall season fast approaching (and a new set of schedules to manage), I cleaned out my work bag and repacked it, and made sure my planner and the note pad and “to do list” were in there for easy access. My planner and my cell phone are the two essentials that I cannot manage anything without.

It’s also helping me to reduce or eliminate what is not a priority in activities so that there is room for new priorities and information management as I “clean out” my schedule and coordinate the events my children will participate in.

The one time I left it home deliberately – while camping in the mountains. That was my time away from *everything*. Otherwise, I’m lost without it.

Thanks for such a great product.”

“Hello! Just wanted you to know that I am thrilled with my very first purchase of the momAgenda desktop planner (through PaperBuzz)…I will forever be a lifetime customer, as will a great majority of my friends. Everyday, I find something new to love about it! I got it in pink, and have had strangers ask where I found it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a mother of 3, it will no doubt make my life much simpler. Everything is in one place…I SO love it!”

“In a stunning lapse of judgement triggered by the cumulative effects of poor sleep, juggling work/kids, recovering from food poisoning (lame excuse as that took place on Sun), and the get the kids to school rush, I very stupidly put my lunch and my calendar on the hood of my car this morning. The lunch made it into the car but the calendar, the half of my brain that I have on paper, didn’t.

I’m just sick about this. I KNEW when I bought that “Mom’s Agenda” calendar not to get attached. The little voice in my head sneered “don’t rely on this, you’re gonna lose it….”. But no, I ignored that little devil and bought the $26 marvel instead. It had loads of space to write in, much more than the little puny calendars with tiny little squares I had until now. This one had BIG spaces for ME and the KIDS and even a spot for the weekly meal plan. I leaned on that calendar more than I lean on most people. Beckoning me with those big blank pages…”don’t store that info in your brain, give it to me, I’ll keep it all safe and organized for you”. I trusted it with everything! My appointments, travel plans, book club meetings, school events. It contained my vacation plans, work engagements, it even knew all my doctors names, hair dresser, that chicks name who does my eyebrows that I just can’t remember. It even has a place for my hopes and dreams, future vacations, party info, movies to watch, music and books to buy, it’s all in there.

So, if anybody finds my brown “Mom’s Agenda” calendar PLEASE, PLEASE (I don’t care HOW battered it is) let me know!!!!

This is semi tongue in cheek, I’m not crazy, but I’m really upset that I lost this calendar!”

driving slowly around the neighboorhood, looking for the calendar,

“To Whom It May Concern:
I just wanted to let you know I have been using MomAgenda since August 2007.
I own the momAgenda® Fuchsia Desktop.
I am married with two children. I also work full time and have a full social life. I use the kid slots and also add my husband in a slot as well. It REALLY helps with everything from who is picking up the kids, what extra curricular they have going on, and I also love the month at a glance at the top of the page.
I love this calendar. I will be buying one every single year from now on!
I use it professionally as well. When ever I am in a meeting or doing a presentation, my agenda comes with me
and I always get several comments on how pretty it is. Then when I show them the inside and the removable mom essentials and the ribbons that show me my week, people truly are amazing with the product. I also love the blank pages at the back to use for making notes at meetings.

I have been meaning to email you sooner but I didn’t write it in my mom agenda so I haven’t emailed till now!

Thank you so much for making such a great quality product that looks stylish, professional and unique all at the same time.”


“I just wanted to say how much I absolutely LOVE the MomAgenda. I’m into my third year using it and it has revolutionized my household planning. I’ve always been a list maker, meal planner, and calendar keeper. But the MomAgenda has made my life so much more streamlined by keeping all those things in one place. You’ve truly thought of everything a homemaker needs to keep track of from party planning to a place to keep names of potential eateries. And this year, my MomAgenda got the true test – KINDERGARTEN! My oldest started school this year and my MomAgenda has kept me on top of all important details like when to bring snack and school picture days.

—Jenna Wallace
Homemaker Extraordinaire