2024/25 Planner Launch FAQ!

2024/25 Planner Launch FAQ!

Hey! We put together this list of the most popular questions during this years planner launch LIVE with founder Nina Restieri.

We hope this helps you on your journey to find the best momAgenda planner for you. 


1. What is new about the planners this year? 

The planners have the same layout and interior as last year. This year we did update the covers. For the Home Office Edition Desktop, the cover is a waterproof bookcloth. It's gorgeous. For the momAgenda & myAgenda the covers are bendable. The planners are the same weights as previous years. 

2. Is the Home Office Mini (6.5"x9") no longer offered?

Surprise! We are bringing back the Home Office Mini this year. Stay tuned for the mini launch in June 2024. 

3. What's the difference between the myAgenda blood orange color and the Home Office Edition clementine color? 

 Here is a picture to show you the difference in the colors. 

4. What do the new momAgenda Desktop colors look like?

Here are the gorgeous 2024/25 momAgenda Desktop colors. 

Colors:  Secret Garden Green, Lilac, Fairy Tale Pink, Clementine, Lipstick Red, Champagne Gold, and Night Blue Python

5. What do the new myAgenda Desktop colors look like?

 Here are the gorgeous 2024/25 myAgenda Desktop colors. 

- Colors: Mint Green, Azure, Lavender Haze, Blood Orange, and Champagne Gold 
- Material Cover: Vegan leather 

6. Why the 18 month planner? I would love a 12 month planner. 

Stay tuned, we are launching a very exciting 12 month calendar year planner this September 💥 

7. Why are your planners 18 months? 

Most of our customers use a momAgenda or myAgenda planner for 12 months. They use whatever is remaining on the front end or backend as a bonus. For example, I use my momAgenda on a school year basis. I start in July and it often has a few months left. I use this for my forward planning. I have input the school year calendar for next year. I am writing this in my planner and will start a new one in July and will have to rewrite it. I think of those months as bonus months. 

8. What products can be personalized? I do not see personalization on the momAgenda spiral? 

ALL the bound books and the Home Office Editions can be personalized. The only product that cannot be personalized is the momAgenda Desktop Spiral. The momAgenda spiral has a plastic cover and thus, it is the only product that we do not offer personalization for. 

9. Why is the shipping to Canada so expensive! 

We have updated our carrier for Canada and shipping is $17. Check out Amazon Canada and if you have a local store you love that wants to carry momAgenda, send an email to wholesale@momagenda.com 
We are happy to answer your questions, add them to the comments on Instagram @momagenda 💗