5 Mantras to Feel Peaceful No Matter What

5 Mantras to Feel Peaceful No Matter What

Wintertime, for me, has always been a time of reflection and near-hibernation. It’s freezing cold where I live in the northeast, and mostly what I want to do is sit in front of a fire, cuddle with my kids, and read my books. That, to me, is the definition of peace and the perfect way to heal from post-Holiday stress.

Since realistically, I cannot always be sitting in front of the fire with my kids, I’ve started to use mantras to bring that feeling of peace of mind no matter what I’m doing.

It turns out that even if you’re driving a carpool or working on a spreadsheet or cooking a meal, you can feel the peace and serenity you’re craving. Stress and overwhelm are natural feelings, but you can overcome them by committing to being mindful of your thoughts.

To use mantras, simply commit to one phrase per day and repeat it to yourself often. Write it on a post-it note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Text it to yourself so you see it frequently over the course of your day. Notice how consistently thinking positive thoughts changes your day.

Try it, and let me know in the comments how it works for you!

  1. Only good things are happening in my life right now.
  2. Everything that happens in my life, happens for my highest good.
  3. I love and accept myself no matter what.
  4. I am a loving and happy presence in my kids’ lives.
  5. I have more than enough time to do everything I choose to do.