5 Tips For Getting Started With Your New Planner

5 Tips For Getting Started With Your New Planner

written by Lisa Ellner

We are all looking to get organized and back to planning now that the quarantine fog is lifting. You’ve taken the first step and purchased your beautiful new planner!  Not sure how to get started?  We’re here to help! 

Below are 5 tips on how to best use your planner so that daily life becomes more orderly and peaceful.


Tip # 1: Set Up Your Planner

As soon as you get your planner, you can start organizing by inputting all family and friends’ birthdays and anniversaries. You can also write in standing or repeating commitments and events that have been pre-planned.  You’re off to a great start!


Tip #2: Sunday Night Re-Boot

Commit to spending 30 minutes every Sunday night with your planner to organize the upcoming week.  This can include workouts, meals, kids’ activities, meetings, date nights, salon, doctor and vet appointments and whatever else you have going on in your busy life! Awesome – now you can relax knowing that your week is all planned out and you are ready for it. 


Tip #3: Daily Check-ins with Your Planner

Pick a time each morning to check in with your planner and make sure you know what’s coming up for the day.  Repeat this exercise at a set time every evening to get you in the right mindset for the upcoming day.  Are you starting to feel more organized and relaxed?  This planning thing is working! 




Tip #4: Long Term Planning

Use the blank sheets in the back of your planner for all long-term planning such as vacations/travel, entertaining/parties, college visits, work related projects, job searches, weddings and more!  It feels so good to be back in planning mode doesn’t it?!


Tip #5: Keep on Top of it

Now that you’re becoming a pro planner, keep it going by bringing your planner with you when you leave the house to jot down any calendar items that come up during your day.  And if you’d prefer to leave your planner at home, add items to the ‘Notes’ section in your phone while you’re out and about and then transpose to your planner when you do your evening check-in.  You’ve got this!



It’s said that it takes three weeks to form a habit.  So, try to follow the above tips for the next 21 days and pretty soon writing things down, planning in advance and keeping to your schedule will become second nature.  Your planner will be your new best friend – you won’t know how you ever lived without it!  And once you’ve formed a solid relationship with your planner, check out other fabulous planning tools from momAgenda such as the Today Pad, the Get Organized Washi Tape Set, the Sticky Notes Set and more. 

Happy planning!