6 Kid Friendly Tech Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

6 Kid Friendly Tech Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Leticia Barr.

These days, kids love tech accessories as much as their parents do and while this can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Some of the best accessories are often ones kids don’t know they need until they own them.

Here are six of my favorite tech accessories that won’t break the bank but help keep kids safe, organized, and express who they really are:

  • For the plugged in kid whose tender ears need to be protected, I recommend iFrogz Animatone Headphones ($24.99) or Earbuds ($19.99). The headphones fit smaller heads comfortably without squeezing and are lightweight yet sturdy. The Earbuds are perfect for tweens with cool low profile snake, walrus, or deer patterns. The volume control allows the sound to be loud enough for kids to hear but not excessively loud to damage hearing.
  • For the sports loving child who will stay outside playing well after dark, Nerf Fire Vision Sports Football ($21.99) allows kids to keep playing thanks to special eyewear that comes with the ball. Two pairs of Fire Vision glasses allow the wearer to see the ball even in the dark. Think of it as Nerf football with night vision!
  • For the child who is prone to mishaps, the Logitech Washable Keyboard ($39.99) is a great gift to accompany their computer. This durable full size keyboard can be fully submersed in water for a cleaning when it gets dusty, grubby, or spilled on. Not only can it be immediately used right out of the box but its laser printed keys ensure that the print never rubs off and drainage holes help it dry fast so it can be plugged back in and put into use again.
  • For digital kids who need to carry USB flash drives back and forth, Peanut USB Flash Drive Holder ($6.99) comes in an array of colors and patterns and has a loop to hook it on a backpack or messenger bag. This helps ensure that the flash drive has a home and is never floating around the bottom of a bag where it’s hard to find or easily lost among the assorted items that probably should have been thrown out long ago.
  • For the teen who owns or is about to get an iPhone 5, The Vue Case Kit ($29.99) is for them. This customizable clear case lets the owner change the design to suit their mood, outfit, or whatever they may favor that hour. Slip in a photo of your favorite band, collage of your BFFs, favorite sports team, or significant other and then swap it out easily when they’ve fallen from grace. It’s a nice change from the iTunes gift card you were planning to get the persnickety teen you’ve been having trouble shopping for.
  • For jet setting kids who are responsible for their own devices, Built’s Cargo Travel Organizer ($24.99) provides a place to keep chargers, accessories, and any adapters they might need. The Travel Organizer is a compact zippered case that makes it easy to see what is missing from the four interior compartments when packing for a trip or heading back home with a single glance. Use it to store charging cables, a mini mouse, USB flash drives, etc. It’s a must have to keep cords corralled and in one place so you don’t have to always be after your kids about missing items.

Leticia Barr is the Founder of Tech Savvy Mama, a site that assists parents in navigating the ever-changing world of technology. Connect with Leticia on Twitter and Facebook.