9 Apps Worth a Look for Moms this Fall

9 Apps Worth a Look for Moms this Fall

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Michele McGraw.

There are so many apps and for so many different devices. It is sometimes hard to weed through and find the apps worth trying out.

I have scoured the app stores and found nine apps that are worth a look for moms:

1. Sesame Street for Military Families This app for the iPad and iPhone (Android coming) looks like an awesome app for military families. Deployments have to be very difficult times for families and Sesame Street does such a good job of helping kids deal with difficult emotions and situations. This is a perfect partnership that will benefit many families. {Free}

2. Memory Hive This app for the iPhone will help you save, backup and share memories. It’s like a journal which you can share with family and friends. It also syncs with the online version so you will not lose your memories even if you lose your phone. {$1.99}

3. Goal Go Flag! This app will help you track your goals. I have been using this app to track my workouts each week and I love seeing my progress. {$.99}

4. My Scans I am always getting pieces of paper and seeing notices that I am supposed to remember. I lose the papers and I can’t find them. I love My Scans because I can scan all those documents in and have them with me on my iPhone or iPad. The Free version has a watermark. For $.99 you can remove the watermark and search the PDF and sync via iCloud.

5. Happy Birthdays Do you have a lot of birthdays to remember? This app will remind you in advance of upcoming birthdays. You can import your contacts from Facebook so you don’t forget your Facebook friend’s birthdays.

6. SkyDrive for Android  This app is new for the Androids. It gives you access to all your files on your Microsoft SkyDrive. I keep all documents that I want to have access to anywhere on my SkyDrive so I always have them with me. It’s great for pictures, too. That way, when someone asks you to see photos of your kids you can always pull up a few!

7. Everloop Goobit This iPhone app is geared towards kids, but I like it because it’s a safe place for my kids to connect with other kids. My kids like the idea of “Facebook,” but they are too young for it. Goobit is just for them. {Free}

8. InstaWeather Pro This iPhone app is just lots of fun. You can take photos of scenery and include the place and temperature. You can either make your friends jealous with the photo of the beach and the temps in the 80s in January or get sympathy for the photo of the car covered in snow with temps in the teens in January. Then upload to Instagram. {$.99}

9. First Aid by American Red Cross This app is a must for anyone. It gives you the steps to follow in almost any emergency. Whether it’s an injury or disaster, this app will help you. It includes videos and quizzes and easy to follow directions. {Free for iPhone and Android}.

These are just a few of the apps I have discovered that I use often. What apps have you found recently that are worth a look for me?

Michele is CEO of Mom Geek Media and creator of Scraps of My Geek Life. You can also connect with Michele on Twitter and Facebook.