A Message From Canyon Ranch

A Message From Canyon Ranch

I just returned from a long weekend with a group of girlfriends at one of my favorite places, Canyon Ranch Spa in the Berkshires. Unfortunately I am now suffering from post-spa stress syndrome, which is characterized by difficulty handling stress caused by reentry into normal life following a heavenly spa experience. Despite that, what I learned at Canyon Ranch this weekend is important for all of us.

I attended a lecture called "Women's Health," and it was especially interesting. The doctor who was leading it asked everyone in the room to let her know what health concerns we would like her to focus on. About 10 different issues were raised: stress, vitamins, sleep issues, menopause, and perimenopause, among others. I wondered how the doc would address all these big issues during the 50 minutes allotted for the lecture!

The doc looked at her whiteboard with all our many health concerns listed, and she paused for about 30 seconds. Then she turned to us and started talking about one of my favorite things: Putting Yourself First. She was actually able to connect EVERY SINGLE ISSUE we had that day to the simple practice of putting yourself first on your list.

She emphasized that in order to put ourselves first, each one of us should know what nurtures us as individuals, and engage in those practices on a daily basis. We went around the room naming the practices that nurture us, and they included exercising, spending time with friends, practicing yoga, cooking, listening to music, and reading.

I came away from that lecture more sure than ever that by putting on our own proverbial oxygen mask first, we are able to take better care of everyone and everything in our lives... and now I know that includes our health.

What about you? What activities do you engage in on a regular basis to feel nurtured?