Because You Only Get One Life

Because You Only Get One Life

The following is a guest post from momAgenda COMM blogger Kim-Marie Evans.

 It’s no secret that we travel a lot – or as my husband says, “Too much.”

I’m often asked how we do it.

Am I a closet crack addict? Do I have a team of secret nannies that I never talk about? Why would I want to be constantly on the road with small cranky kids? Am I on the lamb?

We travel because we can, because it makes memories, because you only get one life.

Do you remember what you had for breakfast? What you wore yesterday? What you did in the afternoon?

Me neither.

But I vividly remember the night I woke up my then 7 year old daughter, carried her down the beach in our hotel robes and watched a midnight lunar eclipse.

The first time my littlest slept through the night? That would be in his car seat in a closet in a Puerto Rican hotel (I will deny this if you call the authorities). The time my son started a vomit domino effect while I was driving to the ski resort in a snowstorm? Yep, remember that too.

The memories aren’t all sunshine and roses, but they are almost always funny, at least in retrospect.  Family travel is one of the few times we are making collective memories. We have dinner together every night, we try new things; snails, parasailing, the Tower of Terror…

We talk.

We nap.

We fight.

But for that moment in time, we are suspended from reality, all sharing the same little bubble we’ve created together and writing the story of our family that will be re-read for years to come.

Kim-Marie Evans is a New York area mom who writes about tips and tricks to make traveling with a large family easier on her blog The Luxury Travel Mom. Connect with Kim-Marie on Twitter and Facebook.