Everything You Need To Know to Take Amazing Pictures Of Your Kids This Summer

Everything You Need To Know to Take Amazing Pictures Of Your Kids This Summer

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Lori Berkowitz

Even though I’m a Boudoir and Portrait photographer the question I get asked most is “how do I take better pictures of my kids?” AND “what’s the best camera to buy?”.

I’ve put together my 5 game changing tips for you and a my must have point and shoot camera recommendation at the end!

1.  Work With The Light

If you’re inside find the best natural light in your home, this will be dependent on the time of day. Find your largest window, watch for the right time of day and plan your shoot. It’s helpful to shut the other lights in the room (they will turn your images different colors than the natural sunlight).

If you’re going outside find some shade to avoid harsh shadows, or pick an overcast day- the light will be even and diffused.   Actually much easier than shooting on a sunny day!

2. Clear the Clutter

Clear EVERYTHING out of the background.  Not possible?  Buy a roll of white poster paper and tape it to the wall opposite your best natural light.  Viola- instant photo studio!

Cleared Background, what a handsome guy!

Photo Paper taped to wall for instant studio look!

3.  Wait For It

Learn how to engage and shoot at the same time.  Talk, play, tickle all with the camera ready to go.   Bring the camera up and down from your face while you are talking and engaging your subject. This takes a little practice but it gets easier with time.   Have the patience to wait for the real emotion instead of the “say cheese” reaction of a camera in their face.

Giggling is contagious.  You laugh I laugh. Just like that.

4. Be Ready to Move

With kids it’s easier for you to move and anticipate than try to create the perfect place that your subject needs to be.  Warm up, do some stretches, get your camera set and MOVE!

I knew where this guy was going and I sprinted ahead in the nick of time!

5.  Line Your Eyes Up with Your Kids

Take yourself lower, photos are more interesting if you’re on level with your subject.  With little ones that will be LOW.   Try a squat position, from there you can shift side to side easily or pop up and run!

I was just hanging out in a squat asking how old she is when she told me this.

BONUS- My favorite Point and Shoot

The Panasonic Lumix point and shoot is an exceptional piece of equipment.  Here is a link to the top of the line version and a less expensive option.  I own this camera and also recommend it for getting the best shots possible of kids with a point and shoot.   I use it often when taking pictures of my dog,  check out his birthday party shot entirely with the Lumix.

Happy Shooting

Let me know if you have any questions about how to take better pictures of your kids or if you’ve tried any of these tips.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.  Do you know someone that would benefit from these tips?  Feel free to share this post with them.

Thanks and Happy Shooting!

Lori Berkowitz is a NYC-based photographer.