Five Ideas for Kids During the Holiday Break

Five Ideas for Kids During the Holiday Break

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Shell Roush.

Soon, the kids will be home for the holiday break. While it’s exciting to celebrate the holidays and not have to worry about homework or getting everyone out the door on time for school, we have to find ways to keep the kids entertained during the holiday break to avoid hearing “Mom, I’m bored!” for two weeks.

Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained:


Involve them with the holiday tasks. Get them in the kitchen to help you with baking or putting together some treats for school. Kids love to get their hands involved in these activities. Wrapping gifts is also a favorite, especially if it’s for the grandparents who will appreciate their efforts and overlook the imperfections.

Check the local calendar for holiday events. Parades and light displays are often free, which is a help during the season of spending. The local library may also offer some holiday programs as well as the church and other organizations, so find out what is happening in your area and plan to attend.

Gift wisely. Games and art projects will keep the kids busy, so suggest those gift ideas to family members or add them to your own family’s gifts. You can also look for passes to events or attractions and add those to the kids’ stockings. Passes to the snow tubing park or the movie theater can be a fun gift and something you can do during the break!

Get other family members involved. If you have family visiting for the holidays, let those relatives take the lead in planning an outing for the kids. Bonus points if they’ll do it without you and you can get some kid-free time during the break!

Allow for lazy days. The kids will have many new toys to play with from the holidays. With no set time they need to be awake throughout the holiday break, let them sleep in, stay in their pajamas, and try out all their new toys with no planned activity needed.

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