Get Your Home Office Summer Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Get Your Home Office Summer Ready in 3 Easy Steps

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM leader Heather Reinhard.

 Are you spending way too much time in your home office searching for an important document or a pen that actually works? Are you wishing things were a bit more organized in the space so you can find what you need in a pinch?

 Here are 3 simple ways to get your home office summer ready so you can grab what you need in a snap and keep some of your sanity.

1. Organize Office Supplies – Is there anything worse than trying to locate a highlighter, stapler, paper clips or tape when you need it? Having all of these essential home office items at your disposal makes life so much easier and definitely saves time. Begin by cleaning out and organizing your desk drawer as shared above via Invest in a caddy or simple organizer that holds these supplies in different compartments. Arrange the items in a way that works for you and allows for easy access which will increase productivity. No more lost time spent searching for a pen that works!

2. Create a Structured File System – How often do you find yourself spending endless hours in the home office trying to locate a particular bill, insurance form, school message or some other important piece of information? Create a structured file system that works for you. Setting this system up now will absolutely be worth the investment in the long run. BHG offers some great tips on how to set up a file system including this expandable file storage solution. Give each folder a name and place the appropriate documents into that folder and you’ll never have to waste time searching for those papers again.

3. Generate a Summer Schedule – The other important step in preparing your home office to be summer ready is setting up a complete summer schedule. There is no product on the market better than the momAgenda® Home Office Edition to assist you in this task. Schedule all necessary appointments, kid-related activities, camps, programs as well as all of your business needs. Keep this product on your desk for easy reference. Organization has never been so easy!

Heather Reinhard is the Founder and Editor of Theta Mom®, a successful and established leading parenting blog that began in 2009. She is also the CEO of her own company Theta Mom Media, LLC.
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