4 Quick Tips: Self-Care in 60 Seconds

4 Quick Tips: Self-Care in 60 Seconds

I hear it literally all the time: “I want to start practicing self-care, I just can’t find the time.”

I get it! Really. There really is no time. Not a single one of us busy moms has room in our day planners for another single thing.

But you have 60 seconds.

Come on, you know you do.

That’s literally less than the time it takes to make your morning coffee…or skim your Twitter feed…or brush your teeth.

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Think about this: the average Facebook visit takes 20 minutes. How about you spend 19 minutes on Facebook instead, and using the remaining 60 seconds on YOU?

Ok, I’ve made my point. Here are a few laser-focused, quick self-care strategies you can try for 60 seconds, and reap big benefits:

  1. Meditate

Turn off your phone, sit down on your bed or couch, and simply focus on your inhale and exhale. It feels so good, you may want to stick around longer than a minute…but one minute is enough to make you feel calm and centered.

  1. Listen to Music

The amazing thing about listening to music is that it can change your mood instantly; it doesn’t even take 60 seconds. Want to feel the full effect? Really crank up the volume, lie on the floor, and close your eyes. Notice how you don’t just hear the music; you start to feel it throughout your body.

  1. Light a Candle

Lighting your favorite scented candle makes you feel pampered, like you’ve just stepped into a spa…even if you’re just at home in your kitchen. I use this tip in my own life nearly every day.

  1. Take a Dance Break

This is a trick I learned from Regena Tomashauer, aka Mama Gena, who teaches women the art of self-care and pleasure. She says, “A dance break is like a no-fail reset button. Use it.” So put on your favorite upbeat tune and dance like no one’s watching – even if only for a minute. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

What are your favorite quickie self-care strategies? Please share in the comments below!