Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Jill Krause.


I looked up from feeding the baby to see the message that just popped into my inbox.

Hi Jill,

Just a friendly reminder to send me your October post so we can publish it before the end of the month. 🙂 – Heather

OH HECK! It was from Heather Reinhard regarding my momAgenda post.

This post.

I swear, I thought I already did my October post, but then again… So I dug through my email and looked up the assignment.

“Jill Krause – Post Topic: General Motherhood Craziness due 10/21

I had to laugh because, like, STORY OF MY LIFE. I finished feeding the baby, plopped her on the floor and started typing this out. (I just had to take a break to put her to bed after she pulled up and tried to eat my charger about 5 times while whining and rubbing her eyes.)

It’s not that I didn’t have the deadline written down on my momAgenda planner. It’s just that, for some reason, my brain saw it and processed it as already complete.

Some days, I swear, I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo. My memory is crap. And I can write things down, but that doesn’t always help if by the time I get done reading what I have to do, I forget what I’ve already done in the first place.

The only way I can get through is to just keep swimming. Just keep moving, keep rolling with it, keep picking up, keep making meals, keep writing, and keep cleaning out my inbox. Most days, there’s not much rhyme or reason to my schedule. Oh, I so dream of a day where I have a plan, where I wake up and clean for 45 minutes, then I play with the kids for an hour, then I write for 30 minutes, then I do a load of laundry, then we walk to the park….

Instead, my day is like:

Wake, rush, throw food in a lunch bag, rush, drop son off at school, check email in parking lot of school, rush home, pick up the baby from daddy (who, bless him, tries his best to work from home when he can to help me out), soothe the screaming baby while simultaneously trying to make her food, answer some emails while feeding the baby, feed the dogs, take a phone call, clean 2 dishes, chase the baby, change a diaper, start a blog post, put the baby down for a nap… and so on.

It’s exhausting.

And it’s crazy.

And it’s… motherhood.

I’ve yet to meet a mom who has actually figured out that whole “schedule” thing, at least not one with small children still at home most of the day.

So we all keep swimming, like a school of Dory fish, and we write things down, and sometimes we forget, and we forgive each other when we are 15 minutes late to a play date.

One day, we hope, we’ll get the hang of this, but all we can do until then is just keep swimming…

Jill enjoys blogging on her personal site, Baby Rabies and you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.