My Top Ten Organizing Resolutions for 2022

My Top Ten Organizing Resolutions for 2022

1. I will remember to write everything in my momAgenda. "Everything" includes, but is not limited to, appointments, kids activities, workouts, to do's, and dinner plans.

2. I will remember to look at my momAgenda before starting my day (you would be surprised how often I forget this seemingly easy one).

3. I will finally complete my Christmas card address spreadsheet, so that next year I will order enough cards (if you are my friend, and did not receive a Christmas card from me, sorry. I ran out.)

4. I will set up a nighttime "homework routine" for my 7 year old so that we no longer have to do his homework at the last minute, while eating breakfast the day it is due (sadly he seems to have inherited my study skills).

5. I will make the school lunches/snacks the night before, rather than the morning of, so that mornings are more calm.

6. I will get my kids to actually USE the mudroom the way it was intended to be used, rather than just walk right by it and dump all their stuff on the kitchen floor.

7. I will plan meals in advance and do grocery shopping online, once a week.

8. Come to think of it I will do ALL my shopping online, not just the grocery shopping.

9. I am going to crack down on my kids and the way they (don't) clean up after themselves. From now on, cups and dishes go straight into the dishwasher, not into the sink. Clothes and toys that are left on the floor will be confiscated. (Is this too harsh? Tell me the truth.)

10. I will forgive myself for not being perfectly organized. I know I am not even close. (No doubt my friends who are reading this are now giggling at this vast understatement.)

How about you? What are your organizing resolutions?