On Our Five-Year Anniversary

On Our Five-Year Anniversary

Earlier this week we at momAgenda displayed our product line at the National Stationery Show in New York. As I stood there in our booth, watching hundreds of buyers from stores both large and small walk by, I thought back to this show 5 years ago, where we launched momAgenda.

That stationery show was very different; we were launching a new product and a new way for moms to get organized, and the goal was to get the word out there. I remember seeing buyers from certain stores walk by, and literally running over to stop them and tell them about momAgenda. How obnoxious! But it worked. Most of those buyers that we met at our first show are still customers of ours.

On the last day of that first show five years ago, having sold out of our entire run of inventory to the over 120 stores that placed orders, you would think I would have felt jubilant and exhilarated. You would be wrong. Just ask my little sis, Liz, who was helping out that day; she was the one who was there when I burst into tears right there at the show. Was I ready? Could I handle it? All of a sudden, my little hobby was a real business with real customers, and I was completely overwhelmed with what was going to happen next.

If I had known then what I know now, I probably still would have burst into tears, because it has not always been easy. Fortunately, we have put together an incredible team of people, each of which is incredibly good at what they do. Our team is like family now, and this business is like my 5th child; I worry about it and lose sleep over it but most of all I love it and try to give it everything I can so it will thrive. And when it succeeds, I feel so proud and overcome with joy.

On our 5-year anniversary, my hope is that momAgenda continues to grow and thrive, and that we continue to do what we do best, which is create products that make organizing easier for moms.

So, from me and the entire team at momAgenda, thank you to all our customers for all your support. It means the world to us. Here's to the next five years!