Planning for Family and Guests at a Thanksgiving Feast

Planning for Family and Guests at a Thanksgiving Feast

The following is a guest post and vlog from momAgendaCOMM blogger Jessica McFadden.

This Thanksgiving, the headcount at the dinner we are hosting is a mere twenty. And although we have handled more family and friends for the big bird and trimmings in the past, I still feel the need to go into this first major entertaining feat of the holiday season prepared. When our guests enter our home, I want them to feel welcome, relaxed and view an organized, stress-free kitchen as the gravy simmers on the stove.

That’s where my new momAgenda Kitchen Folio comes in. Now I can compile all the essential forms, phone numbers, schedule sheets, even take-out menus that are cluttering my “command center” of a kitchen and get them organized and easy to find. I can even begin planning the dishes I will be making for Thanksgiving and store the recipes in sauce-proof, page-protected clear folders for easy access on the big day.



I heartily recommend families pick up their own momAgenda Kitchen Folios so you too can feel prepared, confident and “together” before hosting guests this holiday season. Be sure to download and fill out the free essential information sheet printables that momAgenda founder and organizational expert Nina Restieri has developed for us.

Remember, every minute we are not spending scrambling for a phone number, permission slip or recipe card is a minute we can be spending celebrating with family.

Jessica McFadden is a mother of three children and the founder of A Parent in America, a lifestyle blog for parents and A Parent in Silver Spring, an award-winning site for families in the Washington, DC area. Connect with Jessica on Twitter and Facebook.