Pleasure Practices

Pleasure Practices

Today I’m going to talk to you about pleasure.

No, not THAT kind of pleasure… although that kind is good too☺

I want to talk about a more everyday kind of pleasure. The little moments of taking care of yourself that make all the difference.

As moms, our time is not entirely our own. We have kids, many of us have jobs, maybe we also have partners, friends, families, the PTA. We have so many demands on our time and energy. It’s easy to start to feel like that energy is just being sucked out of us.

The antidote to that energy suck, my friends, is pleasure. Treating yourself to the little things that make you feel delicious and exquisite and like a woman.


This morning I woke up in a bit of a cranky mood. I knew the only person who could save the day was me. It was time for a pleasure overload.

My Pleasure Practices

So, instead of rushing through my normal morning routine, I drew myself a bubble bath. I lit a candle. And as I lowered my body into the tub, I really savored the exquisite pleasure of warm, sudsy water enveloping me.

I had to run a few errands this morning. Afterwards, I treated myself to a delicious lunch at my favorite spot. Rather than getting lunch to go and rushing through it at my desk, I sat down at a table and savored every delicious bite.

When it was time to sit down in my office and get my work done, I first lit a fire in the fireplace, then I lit my favorite scented candle, and then, best of all, I wrapped myself up in my softest, coziest sweater.

These pleasure practices didn’t take up a lot of time, nor were they expensive. But they felt like big treats for me. And sure enough, my cranky mood dissipated quickly.

So many of us forget to treat ourselves with the little pleasures of life. We’re too busy, we think.

Let me ask you something: do you do little things to make your child happy? For example, if he/she is having a rough day, do you sometimes make his/her favorite meal or dessert?

I thought so.

So why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself?

You are just as precious, and worthy of love and happiness, as your child. And when you start to see yourself as someone worth making the time for, you will be amazed at how powerful those little pleasures can be.

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favorite little pleasures in life, and when do you squeeze them in?