Relationships & Travel: Why Parents Should Get Away Without the Kids

Relationships & Travel: Why Parents Should Get Away Without the Kids

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Elena Sonnino.

When was the last time you took a vacation without kids? Many of us spend months planning the perfect family travel adventures – instilling a love of travel, culture and exploration in our children. But, we rarely think about taking a romantic getaway.

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Taking a “couples only” getaway is not just good for parents – the benefits have a positive ripple effect on family life as well. Reconnecting over a regularly scheduled date night is one thing, but the shared memories that come from a getaway have a pixie dust quality to rekindle romance and maintain the bonds within a relationship.

1. Just go. I am an over planner. When it comes to arranging travel, I am the queen of making lists. But as much as I believe in planning ahead for a getaway, to make sure that the daily schedule can run like a well-oiled machine there is something to be said for “just going.” There is never a perfect time to getaway, especially when trying to negotiate after school care, homework and sports activities. So instead of waiting and waiting for the perfect opportunity to travel, enlist the help of family or friends to take care of the kids and “just go.”

2. Plan a long weekend. Two or three days may not seem like much, but in the right environment – with room service provided, breakfast in bed, or late night under the stars – the possibilities to relax and enjoy one another’s company are endless. A long weekend is just enough time to talk, laugh and enjoy intimate time without the guilt of being away for too long.

3. Take a staycation in a local hotel or resort. There are no rules about the distance of a getaway. Local travel offers a fresh perspective on daily life without the stress of schedules. Whether you make a reservation at a trendy new restaurant, take a walk in a favorite neighborhood or explore a local attraction without thinking about snack or nap schedule, a local trip cuts down on transportation time and maximizes time for a couple.

4. Enjoy the quiet. Instead of being woken up early by cuddly children, a couples weekend evokes relaxation. From the pool or beach, to a morning of day dreaming under the covers, quiet time is transformational. Take advantage of the quiet to read – just remember to load up your e-reader with books that you have been hearing about or pack all the magazines that have accumulated in the living room.

5. Do something you both love. Love to hike, golf or ski? Or maybe you are museum buffs or have wanted to take a weekend cooking class? Use shared interests to plan a parent only trip for extended amounts of time for your favorite activities. While I love our family ski trips, togetherness comes from being able to ski as much or as little as we want without an eye on the clock.

Who is ready to getaway? Enjoy the romantic inspiration whether you pick a sleepy countryside retreat, a blissful ocean view or a bustling metropolitan center.

Elena Sonnino spent twelve years teaching elementary students to chase their dreams. She took her own advice to become a freelance travel and wellness writer and the Chief Dream Chaser at Live.Do.Grow where she writes about finding everyday wellness in life.

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