School Jitters Be Gone

School Jitters Be Gone

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Toni Patton.

School has already begun and homework and testing are underway.  This is such a big time of year for both parents and kids alike. Parents get ready to put their child in a new grade or in school for the first time while kids get ready to make new friends and meet new teachers.  For many children, going back to school can cause a case of unwanted jitters.

Whether it’s a new school or the same school but a new grade, teacher, and/or friends, it is a very big time for all kids big and small.  Back-to-school jitters are the last thing I want my kids to have when they return each year, but it’s inevitable that at least one of them gets a little nervous about heading into a new school year.

I, as a parent, want to do my best to make sure they start and finish the school year with little (or no) jitters. Here are a few things we implement:

●      Make a point to ask your children what they want for breakfast.  It may seem silly, but if my kids pick their first day breakfast they are happy and start the day with a smile.

●      Get involved with your child’s teacher. Our schools always do an open house where parents meet the teacher before the first day. I make sure to take each of my children to meet their teacher (or teachers) during this time. I let them take a while to visit with the teacher, ask questions if they need to, and just get a feel for this room that will be like a second home for the next 10 months.  I notice that when they take time to get to know the teacher before the first day, they can walk in more comfortable and confident because they aren’t worrying about what their teacher is going to be like.

●      Practice learning about the school.  Our district has schools in K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades.  Once they are in one school for a year, they pretty much know where the lunchroom, P.E., library, music, and art rooms are so all we have to practice is getting to the classroom.  However, when they move out of one school to another we make sure we go through the school on foot, mapping out where everything is.  This is especially important when they get to the middle school and the high school because they have several classes a day.  Doing this helps kids know where they need to be so they don’t get caught off guard the first day.

●      Have a daily (or weekly) conversation time with your child.  Obviously I talk to my kids on a daily basis, but at least once a week sit down and discuss the highs and lows of your child’s day/week at school. This can help you as a parent see where they may need a little extra encouragement and what makes them happy at school.

●      Create some fun family time.  We can’t do this every day, but on the weekend (unless you have to work on something school related) I think it’s important to leave the school talk tabled.  Have fun as a family so your child can go into the next week refreshed and ready to take on the world.

These tips help have helped us as a family and I hope they work for you, too.  Use your momAgenda® Home Office Edition to schedule a little one on one time with your kids because time with mom and dad is sometimes all they need to get that last little bit of jitters out of their system!

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