Spring Cleaning: Three Easy Ways to Organize Kid Spaces

Spring Cleaning: Three Easy Ways to Organize Kid Spaces

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM leader Heather Reinhard.

Are you a mom of children who need a lesson or two in organization? Are you tired of having the kids put away their toys only to create an absolute disorganized mess in a matter of days? Well, here are three simple solutions to get your home and any kid space in tip top shape, especially as the spring season approaches. 

Organize Children’s Literature Using Painted Spice Racks

From Better Homes and Gardens, this clever idea is the perfect way to not only get those coveted books off of the floor, but this design will also keep books organized for kids to be inspired to read! These spice racks have been painted red and hung on the wall, so books can be placed with the front cover showing. This makes it easy for little fingers to make their selections. Organizing books in this fashion is a great storage idea as well as adding some fun wall art to the space!

Consider Investing in a Bankable Bookcase

From the Land of Nod, a bankable bookcase is the perfect solution for any room in the home that needs to hide toy clutter. A bankable bookcase organizes books, games, puzzles, toys and anything else your kids play with daily. The shelves are big enough to fit large storage bins and stackable items while adding a splash of color to the space. This kind of bookcase is both stylish and super functional.

Stay Stylish with Matching Storage Solutions

From the Serenity Now Blog, the intention of adding in some décor elements that blend in with the rest of the space is another way to organize a child’s room. Using shelving space that can hold some of these stylish elements is a great way to add storage while giving kids easy access to their toys and books. If you don’t have shelving, consider utilizing this idea in another way to make it work for the space. For example, add in some of those colorful bins and boxes by placing them on the top of a dresser or cabinet to provide ample storage while adding in some flair to the current décor.

What are some of the ways you organize kid spaces this time of year? 

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