Summer Activities: Tips to Staying Sane & Organized

Summer Activities: Tips to Staying Sane & Organized

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Toni Patton.

I am a mom of three very busy kids.  Between football, gymnastics, soccer, cheer, dance camp, ROTC camp, and whatever else my plate is full with, I might be busier during the summer than during the school year – not to mention hearing the onslaught of “I’m bored” the minute my kids aren’t at a practice.  Today I am going to share some of my tips to staying organized and sane amidst all the things summer brings our way.

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Tips for a Smooth Sailing Summer Schedule:

1)      Pick up the momAgenda Desktop and a momAgenda mini. In order to stay organized you must know your schedule.  Don’t just rely on your head. Moms have so much going on it’s easy to forget!  While technology is great, what if your phone or tablet dies?  You will want to have the mini on hand to glance at.

2)      Immediately write down any vacations, sports practices, birthdays, etc. so you know what you need to work around.  If you want to plan activities outside of your commitments you will need to be able to know what days are best for your schedule!

3)      Your sanity and the kids’ sanity depends on “fun” time.  Fun time can be an hour playing their favorite game, heading to a local park or the beach.  Create a family movie day or visit the library to pick up some books to read together. Something that isn’t part of his or her regular schedule is key to everyone having a smooth and happy summer.

4)      Create a routine.  On days the kids don’t have commitments, part of the fun is going with the flow so adjust your routine accordingly. We always try to keep our bedtime routine similar to our school bedtime most summer nights, so the adjustment isn’t hard come school time.

5)      Stay prepared.  I keep a fun bag in the vehicle that includes water goggles, sunscreen, volleyball, and various other outdoor items so when we decide to go somewhere we are set.  If we go to the beach all I have to do is grab towels.   Keep what you think you will need for summer on-the-go activities in the car or packed in a bag by the door. It makes for spur of the moment fun!

6)      Take time for you!  Parents need to take a moment for ourselves now and again.  Ask friends, relatives, or older siblings to help watch the kids once in awhile and just do something for you.  It’s so important we do that so we can be the best version of ourselves for all those summer sports and fun activities we are going to experience!

What are some of your summer planning tips?

Toni shares stories about parenting, life and everything in between on her blog A Daily Dose of Toni. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.