The Kind of Encounter that Needs No Introduction

The Kind of Encounter that Needs No Introduction

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM leader, Heather Reinhard.

I was on the soccer field in a panic.

I was really struggling to entertain my daughter while trying to catch a glimpse of my son in his glory. After she was restless in the stroller and no longer wanted snacks, she began to run up and down the field. After numerous failed attempts to get her to cooperate, the screaming ensued. Then, a tantrum soon followed…

Across the field I began to hear the sharp cries of another toddler. I turned my head and I saw another mother in my exact situation. There she was, holding her son in her arms and rocking him side to side. She was moving up and down the field in a desperate attempt to keep him calm and quiet. She looked tired, restless and out of patience herself.

We both were two moms trying desperately to keep it together with one child, fighting for the chance to get some face time on the field with our other child.

And then, our eyes met.

We glanced at each other, quickly processed what was happening and gave each other a smile across the field.

I understood this woman.

She understood me.

I knew EXACTLY what she was going through – as she did for me.

I wanted to run over to her and tell her how I felt. That we were in the same “mom” boat, that she doesn’t have to beat herself up because she is NOT alone – that another mom, namely me, totally understood what she was feeling and I completely empathized in her frustration. With my own screaming child in my arms, I wanted to introduce myself, to shake hands and offer some sympathy.

But, I didn’t have to run over to her.

And she didn’t have to run over to me.

In fact, no words even needed to be exchanged because with a smile and a nod from across the field, I knew that this woman understood me, too.

So, to the mother on the soccer field who I haven’t had the pleasure of formally meeting yet, I would like to say thank you – thank you for reminding me that even in my moments of doubt and frustration as a mom, I am certainly not alone.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation in which another mom “understood” you without being formally introduced?

Heather is the Leader of the Council of Media Moms and owner/editor of the blog Theta Mom. She also owns her own business at Theta Mom Media. Connect with Heather on Twitter and Facebook.