Top 5 Sites to Shop Mobile this Season

Top 5 Sites to Shop Mobile this Season

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Michele McGraw.

The holidays are always so busy and every year I swear I am going to start my holiday shopping in August. Then, every year I sit here in November and wonder how I am going to get all my shopping done.
Sound familiar?

Well, never fear because there is a tech solution to help! While we are crazy busy, we often have moments where we are waiting for kids or waiting in lines and that is when I do a little shopping on my mobile device. Either a cell phone or tablet with an internet connection will help you out.

Here are five of my favorite sites with a mobile app:

1. Amazon – This is the first place I go when I want to buy something on my phone. Amazon has just about everything. It’s is available for free on Android and iOS.

2. Wal-Mart – The second app I check out for holiday shopping is Wal-Mart. My younger kids are still into toys and Wal-Mart has an extensive selection of toys and the prices are very good. Sometimes I can order online and pick it up at the store to save on shipping costs. Available for free on Android and iOS.

3. Etsy – This is one of my newer finds. If you are looking for items that are homemade or a bit different than your usual department store finds, Etsy has it. Etsy has thousands of sellers who make products by hand. And they now have an app so you can shop on the go. Etsy is available for free on iOS.

4. Best Buy – If you are a techie like I am, then Best Buy is a must for holiday shopping. Best Buy also has a feature where you can purchase online and then go pick it up at the store. That saves me a trip to find out if they have it. Available for free on Android and iOS.

5. eBay – eBay has grown to be much more than an auction site. Many businesses have stores set up on eBay, so you can find just about anything and you can often get a great deal. Available for free on Android and iOS.

With those 5 mobile apps I can get all of my holiday shopping done during the down time I have during the day. If you only have a few minutes, create a wish list to store the things you find that you want to purchase. You can always go back later and make the purchase.

Michele is CEO of Mom Geek Media and creator of Scraps of My Greek Life, a blog offering daily commentary, advice, reviews and shared experiences of how her real life and the digital domain connect. You can also connect with her on Twitter.