Top Summer Goals

Top Summer Goals

The following is a guest post and vlog from momAgendaCOMM blogger Jessica McFadden.

When Nina Restieri, the creator of the momAgenda® brand asked me to vlog about my top five summer goals as a mom this summer, my first reaction was panic. How can I limit my goals to just five?  But after some reflection on the past four summers, I realized they were a blur of stress and over-scheduling.

My overarching goal is to keep my children’s summer as well as my own relaxed and enjoyable. Armed with my following five specific goals as well as my momAgenda Mini Daily, I think this summer is going to be a success!

Jessica McFadden is a mother of three children and the founder of A Parent in America, a lifestyle blog for parents and A Parent in Silver Spring, an award-winning site for families in the Washington, DC area.

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