What Mom’s REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

What Mom’s REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

 The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM leader, Heather Reinhard.

If you’re a Mom, you know the drill…

Sometimes, Mother’s Day is unlike any other day. It often doesn’t feel super special because somehow, we *still* end up still chasing after the kids, changing diapers and cleaning up the meal we slaved over a stove to make. There have been certain years in which I remember not getting out of the kitchen and there’s something very wrong with this picture, especially when we find ourselves doting on the men on Father’s Day which is their special day.

But what about us?

We may be lucky enough to get the day off from having to do the laundry on Mother’s Day, but somehow – those men in our lives don’t always pamper us the way we should be pampered, especially on our special day.

Mother’s Day is the ONE day a year we get a free pass.

A free pass to do absolutely nothing.

And of course, let’s not forget we do love to receive gifts and we would never say no to that little blue box from Tiffany’s, a fabulous designer handbag or a new pair of heels because we are women – we love and DESERVE some shiny new jewelry, a fabulous new bag or those designer pumps.

But what we love even more than perhaps the latest fashion trend is to be appreciated.

We want to feel valued for the absolute hard work and sacrifices we make for our children and families every single day.

We want to be respected for the job we do as moms – whether we work in the home or out of the home, ALL moms work 24/7. And we work hard.

Damn hard.

It’s *the* toughest job on the planet.

And you know what we want even more than some respect and appreciation?

We want some damn help.

And now, we’re speaking directly to the MEN in our lives:

That’s right, on Mother’s Day, we want YOU to scrub a toilet, take the garbage out and clean the dishes. We want YOU to fold the laundry, make the kids lunches and help with their homework. We want YOU to plan, shop and cook for a meal – and even clean up afterwards.

We want YOU to take charge when it comes down to making all of the appointments, calling the teacher and shopping for that birthday party gift.

We want YOU to do it all for one day.

One measly day, so we can put our feet up and do absolutely nothing.

That’s what moms REALLY want on Mother’s Day – so guys, skip the jewelry and those fancy shoes because the fact is, giving us a 24 hour much needed and well deserved break is worth its weight in gold.

Heather is the Leader of the Council of Media Moms and owner of the popular parenting blog Theta Mom. She also owns her own business at Theta Mom Media. Connect with Heather on Twitter and Facebook.