What Moms Really Want To Do On Summer Vacation

What Moms Really Want To Do On Summer Vacation

The following is a guest post from momAgendaCOMM blogger Maria Stanley.

Summer vacation is a glorious time of the year – no school lunches, no carpool and of course, the daily ice cream requirement.
As a mom with two young kids, I know what kids want to do on their summer vacation – have fun, hang out with their friends and avoid anything homework related. And then repeat that process, over and over and over again.
But what about us Moms?

What do we want to do on summer vacation?

Yes, we want to eat carbs that actually help us LOSE weight – obviously.
However, we actually want exactly what our kids want:

  • We want to have fun.
  • We want to hang out with our friends.
  • And we definitely want to avoid anything homework related.

But, we want to do it ALONE!

We love our families, but time away, alone, with girlfriends needs to be mandatory – for sanity’s sake. This is what we really want to do on summer vacation – we want to vacation, without you. Sorry family, but a real vacation for Mom happens when we are alone.
And we want cocktails – but that goes without saying.
Vacationing alone. With cocktails.

It’s a good thing.

Maria Stanley is a Canadian Mom to two loud, yet delightfully funny children and is the Owner and Founder of the blog Bored Mommy. Connect with Maria on Twitter and Facebook.