You Asked.. We Answered! Questions from customers on momAgenda Live 😃

You Asked.. We Answered! Questions from customers on momAgenda Live 😃

Founder of momAgenda, Nina Restieri did an Instagram LIVE on Wednesday March 31st to reveal the new products for 2021! 

In case you missed it you can watch it here

Here is a round up of the questions from customers. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us a message. 


1. What is the start date of the myAgenda and will you do a January 2022 start?

The start date of the planners is June 28, 2021. If you're looking for a January start date, check out the Personal Portfolio. The calendar year runs from January 2021 - December 2021, and 2022 refills will be available early this summer. 

2. What planners are 12 month school year planners from July 2021 - August 2022? 


The Home Office Edition Desktop and Mini both run on a school year calendar from July 2021 to August 2022 the following year. 

3. Are the new Home Office Planners thicker than in previous years?

They are the same. 

4. I have always owned non spiral momAgenda planners, are the spiral versions as heavy?

The momAgenda spiral is lighter than the momAgenda Desktop.

5. What products are new this year? 

The Home Office Edition Mini size and the Self Care Planner. 💗 

6. Is the Home Office Mini the same size as momAgenda Spiral? What's the difference between these planners?


Both have the signature momAgenda planner layout with space for you to plan your day and the schedules of up to 4 kids. 

The Home Office Mini is slightly larger than the momAgenda Spiral. About 1 inch wider and half an inch taller. 

The momAgenda Spiral is an 18 month calendar that runs July 2021 - December 2022. The Home Office Mini is 12 months. July 2021 - Aug 2022. The Home Office Edition contains pockets in the back, monthly tabs and a hard cover. The momAgenda is a soft cover. 

Here is a great video by Amanda's Favorites to learn more. 

7. Can you compare the Home Office mini with the myAgenda Desktop?

They are close to the same size, the Home Office Mini is 6" x 8" and the myAgenda Desktop is 7" x 9". The Home Office Mini has monthly tabs, and pockets in the front and back. It runs on a school year calendar, from July 2021 through August 2022, while the myAgenda Desktop runs 18 months, from July 2021 through December 2022.

8. Is the only difference from the Home Office Mini vs. myAgenda Desktop the cover and the tabs?

homeOffice mini planner myAgenda Desktop 

Yes, and also the Home Office mini has pockets. The Home Office is school year only and the myAgenda is an 18 month planner from July 2021 to the following December 2022. 

9. What's the difference between Home Office and momAgenda? 


The Home Office is an oversized spiral measuring 9" x 11", while the momAgenda Desktop is a bound book measuring 7" x 9". The Home Office has monthly tabs and pockets on the front and back covers; it runs on a school year calendar from July 2021 through August 2022. The momAgenda Desktop runs 18 months from July 2021 through December 2022. Both books have the same weekly and monthly layouts, with separate spaces for mom and up to four kids. 

10. Do the monthly pages have any spaces for notes?

This is something that we will be adding for next year. Stay tuned. 

11. If the planners start in July and end in December 2022, if we buy a new planner will we waste the 6 months of the planner? 

No, most of our customers use a momAgenda or myAgenda planner for 12 months. They use whatever is remaining on the front end or backend as a bonus. For example, I use my momAgenda on a school year basis. I start in July and it often has a few months left. I use this for my forward planning. I have input the school year calendar for next year. I am writing this in my planner and will start a new one in July and will have to rewrite it. I think of those months as bonus months. 


Thank you so much for watching and asking questions. Feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram @momagenda if you have any other questions.