4 Useful YouTube Reviews of momAgenda!

4 Useful YouTube Reviews of momAgenda!

Check out the momAgenda reviews on YouTube below. We always love to hear what you think of momAgenda and myAgenda too.  

Hope these reviews are helpful to your search for the right planner for you! 

1. Amanda's Favorites 

Amanda is the founder of Amanda's Favorites YouTube channel. She is am a Mom to 2 boys (17 yrs & 12 yrs) and has been married to her husband Steve for 22 years. As a former teacher turned SAHM, she now homeschools her two boys. She belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and is hustling every day, and no matter how many planners she owns, she does have it all together. (But really, who does?) 

Check out here review of momAgenda below 💗 


2. Cindy Guentert-Baldo

Cindy Guentert-Baldo is a YouTuber, mom and always looking for ways to help simplify or keep her life organized.  We love Cindy for her honesty. She admittedly takes on too many commitments, overload herself with too many projects and is generally running around in a self made hurricane most days. (I don't know about you.. but this sure sounds like me!) Her channel documents her quest to plan her life while embracing my mistakes, and she encourages you to do the same.


Check out here review of momAgenda below 💗 




3. The Plan Club 

Krystal, founder of The Plan Club on YouTube, is a mom of two who loves to plan! Krystal was born in Mississippi but relocated to South Carolina after Hurricane Katrina. PLAN TO SUCCEED!!

Check out here review of momAgenda below 💗 


4. Solutions for Simplicity

Check out Solutions for Simplicity on YouTube by Amber Curtis. Amber's mission is to equip you with actionable ways to free up more time for who & what you love. Every Thursday, she share's easy and effective strategies to simplify your life through planning, prioritization, productivity, time management, and that elusive thing we call “work life balance.”

And, she did a fabulous and honest review of the momAgenda. Check it out 💗 


What are your favorite YouTube planner channels? Let us know! 

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